Business & Enneagramm Coaching


The Enneagram is a personal model based on 9 different character types.
These 9 types are linked to 3 different perception filters. This model will help you to discover your own strengths and it will help you to understand other people.

Reformer (1)

This type is energetic, moral, judgmental, know-it-all, high standards, anything that is not as good as it could be is disappointing, hesitant, cynical, creative, fair, dutiful, quality demanding. The reformer finds every error, is controlled, cared for and conscientious. Always polite and able to separate emotion and facts.

Helper (2)

Positive view on people, warm-hearted, compassionate, sensitive, good-natured, can be exploited, attentive, good host. The helper wants to be needed, want to make himself indispensable, is likeable and fun-loving. The helper is the good spirit in the team but also likes to pull the strings in the background and create dependencies

Achiever (3)

People who want to be noticed – through performance, image, attractiveness. The Achiever likes to talk. Even the difficult things suddenly become very easy. The Achiever always adapt their appearance perfectly to the situation, are focused on efficiency, performance is important – good presentations, win people over with the aura of success. However, the creators also might be perceptive as superficial and opportunistic.

Individualist (4)

Creative, enthusiastic people, like to talk about themselves, relate everything to themselves, can inspire and bring down people around them. They demand a lot but do everything to avoid to “be mainstream”.  Individualist are moody and emotional – but as well very self-critical, charming, intuitive and melancholic.

Investigator (5)

Reserved, introverted, analytical, precise, objective and prefer to exchange information. Hate small talk, are disciplined, reliable and like to dive deep into a topic. High demands on themself and others. Mostly reserved, shy, distant and appear insecure and anxious when making new contacts. The investigators have a great sense of humor.

Loyalist (6)

Rather unremarkable, but with fine antennae. Always check whether the other person is trustworthy. The loyal person quickly finds contradictions, is responsible, is usually perfectly prepared, concerns will be expressed like: “Yes, but do we….”, all aspects of a fact need to be lighted. The loyalist is often suspicious, has doubts and skepticism – but is also loyal, compassionate and reliable.

Enthusiast (7)

Lots of ideas, lots of interest, curious, idealistic, loves people and places where there is action. His laugh is infectious, the enthusiast loves to party on many weddings, likes to be the center of attention and always keeps his options open and remains non-committal. Life is fun and the purpose is to enjoy it.

Challenger (8)

Black and white thinking, dominant, represent opinions tough and clear, blustering, ruthless, decisive – in need of recognition. The boss wants to appear strong and invulnerable, need to have everything under control and wants to appear . He loves to discuss loudly and lively and sees himself as a fair and generous leader.

Peacemaker (9)

Calm, hesitant, tolerant, modest, love expert knowledge, sociable, friendly, sometimes stubborn, mediator avoid loud conflict, helpful, compassionate, good listener and might be overlooked in groups, because in the group the mediator is perceived as a source of calm.